International Essay Contest

The Best Experience of SEA-Teacher

This competition becomes a platform to share international experiences of SEA-Teacher in terms of culture and education, their teaching activities, encountered problem and the solutions which will lead to boarder views of their countries and the countries they are assigned to.





The best 10 will be invited to have a seminar in University of Lampung to share the experience with the students of Teacher Training and Education Faculty – University of Lampung that will be held on November 10, 2017.

Inclusive facilities:

  1. Certificate of Appreciation.

  2. Join Lampung tourism exploration

  3. Place to stay during the event



Write an essay which consists of Introduction, Main Content which contains your best experience as SEA-Teacher, teaching activities, problems that occurred and the way to solve it, other experiences and Conclusion. The essay should be in English, typed in Times New Roman with 12 pt font size and 1.5 line spacing and consist of 1.400 – 1500 words. Don’t forget to put your name, name of your collage, contact address and phone number at the top of the essay.