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How does an IT magazine or journal rate anti virus software? There is no conventional practice and each reviewer often rate each software tool according to their personal needs and occasionally they do not consider the tool from the view of the full spectrum of users. Each pro could have their own parameters they rate the applications, which Adobe Acrobat X Pro will not give a reader the apple-to-apple comparison when we read different reviews. Usually some of the ratings that are common comprise ease of use of applications, protection against known virus, how simple to install, range of characteristics, how often are the upgrades, pricing of the applications and memory utilization. These are the standard things that reviewers compare when they review anti virus softwares, but they’ll compare more variables, as these ratings that are straightforward can easily be criticized to be overly layman instead of sufficiently studied enough to rate distinct applications tools properly. Antivirus tools reviewers will start to study into scanning power of each tool, to go into more depth. This includes manual scan, on-demand scanning, in-background scan, scheduled scanning capabilities, scanning of incoming emails, instant messages ,,malware scanning. They’ll then look at the memory utilization of the tools, as there are some protection capacities that demand memory area or a big cache to work properly.

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Utility and the availability of the firewall can also be compared. Some of the software, including ESET Nod 32, AVG virus protection software, Kaspersky Antivirus, McAfee virus scan, Norton antivirus, and Avira antivirus protection applications, seems set to become industry leaders and have gotten excellent reviews. Additionally these anti virus programs enjoy the top reviews both online and offline and they frequently come up as the best in antivirus software application reviews. This really is not an easy feat as there are many antivirus software out there.