(FKIP UNILA news).  International Teacher Education Conference is a conference on education, teaching and learning that is held annually by teacher education institutions in Indonesia, also called as LPTK. This conference is initiated by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Lampung, FKIP Unila, as one of Indonesian teacher education institutions.  As an education institution that serves pre-service teacher training, teacher aducation institutions have to play important roles in teacher development programs that help teachers improve their professional and substantial skills to educate learners in a proper way.

The conference is addressed to teachers, academicians, researchers, government institutions, private institutions, professional associations, educational institutions as well as graduate students who have  high interest of grounded isssues in education, teaching, and learning. The main theme for this International Teacher Education Conference is “Redefining Teacher Education: Building Milestones for Global Partnerships and Development in Education”.


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Example Subtopics

  1. Multiculture Education (Assoc. Prof. Rebecca Fanany, Deakin University, Australia)
  1. Content Integration in Cross Cultural Education
  2. Equity in Education
  3. Empowerment  in School and social Structure
  4. Multi-culture Approaches in Character Education
  5. 2.   Learning Strategies/
Methodologies for Teacher Education (Prof. RosnaniHashim, International Islamic University, Malaysia) 
  1. Teaching about Thinking (High Order Thinking)
  2. Assessment for Learning
  3. Collaborative-Based Learning
  4. Meta-Cognition as a Learning Strategy
  5. ICT-Based Learning
  6. Global Ethic
  7. Education for All
  8. Educating for Global Citizenship
  1. Teacher Education towards Global Education (Prof. Gay Garland, University of Hawaii, US)
  1. 4.   Education Management  and Teacher Professional Empowerment (Dr. BujangRahman, Lampung University, Indonesia)


  1. School Based Management
  2. Teacher Professional preparation
  3. Classroom Management
  4. Improving Teacher’s Pedagogical Content Knowledge


  1. 5.   Curriculum Design for Education in Global Perspectives (Assoc. Prof. ChanitaRukpollmuang, Chulalongkorn
  2. 5.      University, Thailand)
  3. Internationalization in Education
  4. Integrating Global Education into Local Curriculum
  5. Curriculum Design for Global Challenges
  1. Teaching and Learning Practices (Prof. Bruce Waldrip, Monash University, Australia)


  1. Teaching by Inquiry
  2. Multiple Representations on Teaching and Learning Practices
  3. Using Teaching Material for Effective Learning
  4. Developing Teaching and Learning Approaches



Abstract Deadline                                 18 March 2013

Abstract Review                                   18 – 24 March 2013

Abstract Selected                                 25 March 2013

Full Paper Submission and Review          25 March – 15 May 2013

Full Paper Revision                               25 March – 24 May 2013

Final Revised Paper Submission              24 May 2013

Presentation File Submission

Deadline                                              15 June 2013

Conference                                          1 – 4 July 2013


Day 1

The conference will officially hosted with Welcome Dinner Party held in the Governoor’s hall and will be welcome by the governoor himself (in confirmation) on July 1st, 2013 at 19.30 PM. Traditional dances and performances of Lampung University Students will accompany the session. Typical Lampungness food and beverage will be served in the dinner.


Day 2

Plenary Session

Plenary Speaker Sessions will be held into two sessions and featuring keynote speakers of the following countries.

      Prof. Bruce Waldrip (Monash University, Australia)

      Associate Prof. Rebecca F. (Deakin University, Australia)

      Prof. Gay Garlan (University of Hawaii, USA)

      Associate Prof. Chanita Rukpollmuang (Chulalongkorn

      University, Thailand)

      Dr. Bujang Rahman (University of Lampung, Indonesia)

      Prof. Rosnani Hashim (International Islamic University, Malaysia)

Conference Tour

Plenary session is carried out until 15.00 PM. The agenda will be continued with a tour tonference to Krakatoa  volcano in Sunda Strait erupted on August 26–27, 1883 and known as the most notable eruptions of Krakatoa with over 36 thousands people died. Currently, the mount offers a fantastic view in both day and evening while visitors may enjoy delicious traditional food and meals on a ferry for a dinner. For more information about facts and the history of Krakatoa mount can be retrieved from

Day 3

Parallel Sessions

Parallel session will be arranged on the basis of the conference topics. There will be six groups of paper presenters and each group will be accompanied by the keynote speaker of the correspponding topic or expertise.

Guideline for the Paper Submission

Papers to be considered for presentation should be preferably research-based,  approximately 5000 words. The tittle should be given at the top of the first page, along with the name of the presenter(s) and their affiliation below the tittle on the right, biographical data should not exceed 100 words and should be written on a separate page.Please be aware of the important dates of the conference. Complete papers should be typed in  with  font size 11, Times New Roman, single spaced, with a top and left margin 1,2 inch, bottom and right margin 1 inch, and written in letters (8,5 x 11 inch) with an abstract with key words and references following APA format. The paper should cover introduction,  methodology, findings, and conclusions.

For the sake of conference effectiveness, presenters will be limited to only 150 seats.  Whenever quota is met, registration will be closed. Papers accepted will be published in the ITEC Proceeding 2013 and will be handed to the participants on the day of conference.

Workshop on Academic Writing for International Publications

The conference also offers a workshop on academic writing that will be trained by an academician from Deakin University.

Day 4

In the last day of the conference, the participants will be brought to Way Kambas which is well known of its elephant school. Participants may witness elephant playing football or ride on elephants seeing aroud the site.


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